Layer 1Rattletrap sound dampener. 

Step 1: Cover every inch of the floor, ceiling and walls in sound dampener Rattletrap.

Rattletrap is applied with a roller and sticks to the van’s steel frame with its one sided tar-like adhesive.

In total, 200 square feet of Rattletrap was used. Prior to installing it, I could not talk on the phone via the overhead Bluetooth connection -- because of background noise. After installation, highway speeds and phone calls are more enjoyable.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 7.49.13 PM.png

Layer 2: Wool Insulation… that’s right….wool!

Step 2: I chose wool because of its moisture wicking properties. It also has a better R value than Denim Insulation. I ordered 4 rolls of 24” R13 from Eco Building Products.

Layer 3: Reflectix moisture barrier

Step 3: Moisture barriers are a highly debated concept for van conversions. Reflectix was used in my built as a moisture barrier for additional insulation.

Layer 4: Birch plywood

Step 4: .25” Birch plywood covers the entire van. The plywood is fastened to the subframe using self tapping screws. No cabinetry relies on the Birch plywood for support.