toilet, wet room, & closets

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Wet room

The wet room is a three-in-one room. I can shower here, the toilet sits inside here, and bulk items - such as the Temperpedic bed topper - are stored. The wet room is framed with 3/4" birch plywood. 1/8" sheets of white acrylic are attached to all exposed walls. White caulking fills in seems and finished with water-sealed paint.


The toilet is a Thetford 92360 Porta Potti. It is a self contained unit with a fresh water tank in the upper section and black water tank in the lower section. The toilet starts to smell after a week of use. The “flush” function failed twice. This is where water spits out from the upper tank, simulating a flushing toilet. The function continuously “flushed” on its own - flooding the van with water. I no longer fill the water tank.

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CLothes Closet

The clothes closet contains folded clothes, hanging clothes, camera bag and shoes. The mesh drawers are "Elfa" drawers from The Container Store. They are a simple and lightweight alternative to building drawers from scratch.

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Sports Closet

The sports closet holds camera tripods, skis, hiking gear, folding chairs, longboard, yoga mat, and a broom.

It is designed to be a cubby style closet - without drawers - to store longer items.