The kitchen cabinet is a huge reason why every contractor needs a designer. The quartz counter top and real subway tile are over-the-top for a van but make a huge statement as soon as you step into Wild.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 7.51.09 PM.png


The Kraus KHU15 undermount sink is 10" deep. A deep sink allows you to wash multiple dishes (believe me - I let the dishes pile up) without being too crammed and water splashing everywhere. The sink is fed by a Kraus KPF-260SS faucet. The faucet extends allowing me to: wash sandy feet out the back doors, use the faucet while mopping the floors, rinse off my hair in the sink, and reaches the wet room.

The faucet is powered by 2.8 gpm 45 psi SeaFlo 12v diaphragm pump. This pump provides plenty of flow and powers off automatically when pressure is achieved. A 16 gallon freshwater tank located under the bench/bed provides about a week of water. An accumulator tank is located after the pump to smooth out pulsations and reduce pump on/off cycling. 


The propane powered two burner stovetop is the Ramblewood GC2-48P. This stove costs more than cheap RV stove tops. It lights automatically when connected to 120V source or you can manually light it.

The stovetop is connected to the small green disposable 1 lb propane tank - which costs about $3.00 and lasts about a month.

I would not choose this stovetop again. The moveable parts rattle everywhere on a bumpy road.

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Fridge: Isotherm Cruise 65

The Isotherm Cruise 65 holds about a weeks worth of food and draws only 2.5 amps.

It is efficient and quiet.